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The Trail To Anywhere

-By Benjamin Sadd-

I started The Trail To Anywhere three years ago to document my adventures. Since then it has grown to encompass my independent multimedia production work. My work has included short and feature length documentaries on subjects ranging from fine art and sculpture to adventure and conservation. I have a growing collection of films and photos which have been featured in various international publications including The Telegraph and National Geographic.


My independent adventure films are self funded and often made possible through generous contributions of equipment and logistical support. Over the past two years I have pulled a sofa across the Isle of Wight, cycled across Kenya on a single speed bike, paddle boarded the Thames and spent a week with only a blanket in Britain’s Last Wilderness. These films and stories have been featured in several film festivals, including Kendal and Edinburgh Mountain Film Festivals and the Adventure Travel Film Festival as well as being shown at The Telegraph Adventure Travel Show.


This new project is infinitely more ambitious than any previous work, both on the scale of the adventure and the aims and production value of the finished film. 

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